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We will definitely miss you Cali. You were a special kitty, always so gentle and loving. I will miss how you always came running when I came to your house because you knew that grampa would give you some treats. You always kept me company during the day when Andy and Ashley were living here during the time they were refurbishing the house they bought and when I went into the kitchen you would be right there standing by the cabinet where the treats were stored. Your loving personality will never be forgotten. May God's gentle hand cradle you now.Steven Schehr - November 6, 2019
Cali you will be missed so much. The things you did were special,; eating cheese and liking your butt spanked.
You were always trying to get food off every body... Love you chicken!!! RIP.
Eugene Snyder - November 5, 2019
With a heart that is heavy with grief, I say goodbye to you Cali. You enriched the lives of all who knew you. You brought joy and friendship to every household that you lived with, including mine while I kept you safe when Andy was in college. I know that when I visit Andy now, I won't see you there to greet me, but I know that all of your memories are stored in my heart and that is where I will keep them until I see you again. Those memories will live on and I will treasure the time that you graced us with your presence. You were a wonderful friend to all of us.
With love and gratitude,
Joann Snyder
Joann Snyder - November 5, 2019

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