11/20/2010 - 12/7/2013It's been two months since we said goodbye for now, not a day goes by we don't think of you many times. Every time I shake out a plastic bag I think how you used to come looking to go for a walk. And how when I opened the door of the refrigerator you always thought it was time for a treat. People knock on the door and I expect to hear your bark, Joan misses hearing it still. We miss your walks and car rides that you loved so much and made you so happy. DJ, you were such a sweet dog and too young to leave, but even though you were very sick, you hung in there, wanting to go for walks and car rides, wagging you tail with your big smile and giving all your love until you let us know it was time to leave. We all thank Dr. Amanda and Lap of Love for giving us that special time to let you go peacefully. Even though you did not have a long life that we wanted, we all have so many great memories of you that are etched in our hearts forever. You were such a great dog and friend, so missed and never forgotten, we love you so much. Meet you at the foot of the bridge DJ, Robert Kristie Joan Me.Keith HaagPOMPANO BEACH, FloridaFebruary 8, 2014
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I miss you so much more every day Deej. You were the best dog a girl could ever ask for and I think about you all the time 💙Kristine Haag - February 14, 2019
My lovey DJ, I miss our walks and car rides that big smile. I know you didn't want to leave us and you stayed as long as you could. I still tear up when I think about you. Miss and love you so much... you will live in our hearts forever beautiful DJ.Joan Gove - December 8, 2014
A year ago today I had to make one of the toughest decisions of my life, I had to make the decision to put down my best friend... This year has been hell without you bud but you still find a way to brighten up my days... I love you DJ... Never forgotten...Robert Haag - December 7, 2014
You were the first dog I ever loved Deej. I will continue to love and remember everything about you and the times we shared. I am certainly blessed to have the countless photos and memories to last me a life time. I love and miss you DJ!Amanda Lunde - February 14, 2014
Oh DJ, you have such a sweet and wonderful family- and I am grateful you brought them such joy. I often hear the phrase that a certain dog is so lucky to have found us- but I believe we are the lucky ones to find them.
Rest in peace dear one
Amanda Grant - February 10, 2014

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