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Words are insufficient to summarize the many memories I have of Baxter. He was loyal, loving and always entertaining. As a granddog, he was the best. As a part of the Williams family, he was friendly and always ready to be acknowledged qnd embraced. There was a bond between Noel and Baxter that was a treat to see. One Thanksgiving, I took care of Baxter while the family went away. Baxter was miserable until I called Noel and he could hear his voice on the phone. Now, that is special and rare! I will miss everything that Baxter added to our lives.Beverly Odon - January 15, 2020
Mr. Monkey Lips where do I start? I always enjoyed my time with you, even if it was stinky ๐Ÿ˜‚. Your presence could light up a room sometimes literally LOL. Besides your crazy brothers peanut & Charlie I considered you one of my own. I know you were in a better place now and no longer hurting, but I will miss how excited you got when we walked in the door and we HAD to give you some love before you left us alone, of course Iโ€™ll miss those monkey lips LOL, I will miss your fake sleeping, and how excited you got when it was dinner time, even when you started bugging us 2 hours before it was time to eat ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜‚ the list goes on, but you were a GREAT dog and true friend and I will truly miss your presence!!! Love you Monkey Lips!!!Anthony McCree - January 15, 2020
To know Baxter was to know how to step over or around him because he was happiest when he could be squarely in the middle of things. Neither overbearing nor overly taxing, Baxter's desire to be 'in the way' spoke volumes about how he carried himself as a rightful member of our family - he never once doubted that he deserved 'a seat at the table'. As a member of a our family Baxter was unfailingly loving and I in turn loved him. Some of my favorite moments: We'd take entire walks around the block during the summer months and I'd talk his ear off. Waking up in the morning with Baxter at the side of my bed while I was home for vacation was a comfort. Tug of war with stuffed animals that never stood a chance. Sticking by my side at the dog park...He left us each with a treasure trove of incredible memories. God bless you Baxy.Xavier Williams - January 15, 2020
Love and miss you so much Baxy. I miss your cute squishy face, your droopy lips, giving you kisses, rubbing your head knot, and getting the best hugs from you, even when I was maybe annoying you. I miss you coming to sit on me anytime I got on the floor. I miss your fake sleeping. I miss you being so excited to see me and that look of sadness when I left. You were the best dog ever and Iโ€™ll miss you forever. I think about you everyday. I know your happier now and running around with your tennis ball. Love you monkey lips.Bryonna Williams - January 14, 2020
Baxter was an amazing dog. Within 5 minutes of meeting him, he decided we would be best friends and promptly parked himself up against my side. He completely stole my heart. I can only imagine there are countless others that could say the same about this sweet boy. I am so glad he found his way to your family. Thank you for providing such a loving home for Baxter.Jennie Brindler - January 14, 2020

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