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Bruno - You brought so much joy and happiness to all of us, especially to your mom. For the few years that I knew you, I got to witness the great amount of joy that a pup can bring to its owner and everyone else. It was a wonderful to see since I’ve never had a dog as a pet. I always knew you were a great protector and provided your mom with an endless amount of love. You also singlehanded(pawed)ly kept the peanut butter industry from suffering. Goodbyes are always hard but you won’t be forgotten. You’ll occupy a permanent place in all of our hearts.Dino De Fazio - December 17, 2019
Whenever I walk into a house and a dog is there to greet me, even feeling crummy as he is, but with wagging tail and nothing but love, I know that this dog has only seen the beautiful side of life. You gave each other that, Kat. Bruno was your heart and soul dog, and you gave him everything. As much as he enriched your life, you did the same for him. You will miss him all the days of your life, but he will always be in your heart, and he will continue to guide you. I am so very glad I got to meet Bruno - such a sweet, beautiful dog!Caroline Kiert - November 17, 2019
We are all so sad to see you go, but I know you're out there somewhere bringing happiness and joy to the world. I don't think I have ever met a dog more loved than you, and I know you enjoyed every moment with your mom. I never like saying good bye, but I will say see you later since I know we will meet again. Love you Bruno and know you will always be with us in our hearts!Darrell Britt - November 16, 2019
Bruno, while I only met you once, that’s all it took. You were the sweetest dog anyone could hope for. You will be sorely missed but you gave Kat so much love and that love will always be with her, never to be forgotten. It goes without saying but we all love you, especially Kat of course, and you will always be in our hearts.Gilbert Hernandez - November 15, 2019
Having a 2 year old chocolate lab myself, I can understand many of Bruno's quirks.
I cannot however, imagine the pain of losing your soul mate of ten years. We both know that
Bruno was far more than just a pet dog and the gaping hole left by him will not be
easy to ignore. You both meant everything to each other and it's going to take time
to adjust and process this. Bruno was the sweetest and best boy. There will never be
another like him. He is no longer in pain but wherever he is, he'll be missing his Mom
just as much.
Parminder Jolly - November 15, 2019
Sweet boy Bruno was the best pup. So gentle and loving. He definitely has left a void. We have to believe he is with all of his cousins now running and playing and not in pain. Gone way too soon for such a smart loving baby. We will miss his loving personality. We all love you BruRachel and Rit Matthews - November 15, 2019
Bru - I’m sorry I stole your mom on Sunday’s. Know you were always on her mind. She never stopped talking about you. It made me happy to know you’d be there to greet her when she returned home from our shenanigans. When I met you it was easy to understand why she held you in such high regard. Your warmth, joy, and love took over the room. I’m grateful for the love you gave Kat and I’m glad I got to be your uncle. You’ll never be forgotten.Aaron Ochoco - November 15, 2019

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