Light a Candle

Debbie and Phil,
What a touching and fitting tribute to sweet Jolie. You are the best kitty parents ever. We are thinking of you and Jolie during this time of her passing over. Love, Jan & Bruce
Jan Welsh - November 13, 2019
I know how very much your fur babies meant to you. You came them abundant love and a wonderful life. They will remain forever with you in your heart.
Tricia Burke - November 12, 2019

I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Jolie. I'll keep you close to my heart in the upcoming weeks. Hugs, my friend.


We pray that in this time of loss,
You'll feel God's love much more
And that you'll find your comfort
In the presence of the Lord
We pray God pours upon you,
His sweet amazing grace
And overflow your heart with peace
As you live in His embrace.

- M.S. Lowndes
Julia Muntel - November 12, 2019
Jolie was such a sweet girl. Rest in peace ❤Sarah Cook - November 12, 2019
Deborah, hearing you speak of your two Babies made me smile each time you spoke of them. Jolie had such a special placed in your lives and heart. I’m sure today was a very hard day. I’m so sorry - may The Lord give you an abundance of comfort and love. Hugs and prayers Deborah.Jenny Lenahan - November 12, 2019

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