8/26/2006 - 4/6/2020From James: He was my baby boy and always will be. He loved the ocean. He loved life. From Mom: Merle you came into our lives in a “flash”. Yes boy you will never get rid of that. You found the only extension cord in the house and chewed the hell out of it! They wanted to put you down. We said no, give him a chance, he’s a fighter. You lived, they said amputate his tongue, we said hell no! Age 13, last teeth being pulled, they found a zip tie in that head of yours! It had been there so long it grew into your head. That says so much about our boy. He ended up with so many challenges in life after the electrocutions. Bleeding penis twice! Eventually had his balls removed. Sorry Merle but had to be done. That was the end to the health problems. But he did have so many fatty tumors. They didn’t seem to hurt but they did cause discomfort in the Jeep when we went for rides. We made sure there was pillow for him to sit up in between his mom and dad. Few things would make him raise his beautiful ears, food, other animals and rides in the Jeep! Merle, your brother is good but misses you. I will make sure Rae is good. No worries my love. Enjoy and thank you for that very special gift you gave me this morning. I will never forget it.Beckie LandryLas Vegas, NevadaApril 8, 2020
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Sweet beautiful Merle! Although we only knew you a short time, I came to love you! You and your beautiful bro Laraedo always take my breath away each time your lovely mom & dad took you out for walks! Your long beautiful coats & cute barks! Merle your colors were more than your name, it was everything you were/are....simply BEAUTIFUL! I’m so sorry we didn’t get to spend more time with you while you were here, but I cannot express how thankful I am for the time I did have to kiss you, pet you and be graced by your grand & glorious presence! Thank you for bringing Beckie & James into our lives! Run Free at the Rainbow Bridge sweet boy, and keep watching over your mom, dad , & brother. Also if you don’t mind, please find my sweet baby boy Dudlee, and keep him company, and let him know we love him and miss him so much! We’ll see you all someday! Til then, goodbye sweet Merle.
Love, Helen, Jason, Dexter & Khaleesi Davis.
Helen Davis - April 8, 2020
We love you very much Merle and will miss you. Keep Linus company!!

Patrick, Colleen and Benjamin
Colleen Arizmendi - April 8, 2020
Merle had a life filled with trips in the mountains, and walks on the beach. He was so loved by his mom and dad and we know he will be missed.Abbe Mattson - April 8, 2020

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