10/31/1997 - 1/22/2014My little Buddha dog. Sammy was the most patient, loving and grounding member of our family. He kept me safe for sixteen beautiful years, and I will cherish his love until the end of time. He saved my life. He taught me grace, dignity, and strength. I miss him dearly, every minute.D. LeVesque & J. CaseyOakland, CaliforniaMarch 3, 2014
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Sammmmmy Doge I STILL MISS YOU and can still feel you. I love you all ways and will see you on thee other side. Visit me in dreams until then please. Xxxxxxxxxx always your dad ❤️‼️Your Best Pal - March 4, 2018
I love you Sammy! Thanks for loving me back and most of all for being the best friend of my best friend. Everyone misses you.Samara Halperin - March 4, 2017
big love!dee dee grimes - March 4, 2017
💙🐾Gabe Winer - March 4, 2017
Sammy love xoxxoxxoxxooooxPete Weiss - March 4, 2017
Sammy I miss you, your beautiful eyes spoke to me every time I saw you. Few people have such an impact on my life as you have had. I remember when your parents left for a few days, you come to me and let me know you missed you dads. I held you in my arms, but soon after I realizied you were holding me as much as I was holding you. That's when I fell for you Sammy. Feels like yesterday and I hope this never changes. See you soon my friend.
Love -A
Andreas Tsinakis - March 25, 2014
Dearest Sammy,
You were a special friend! I will never forget the day I saw you by the side of the road in rural South Carolina, a baby, just sitting patiently and watching all the cars that came along. Waiting. I saw you one day, and you were still there the very next day in the exact same spot, and my heart broke for you. I stopped, and I remember there was already someone there looking at you too- a kind of scary SC dude, and we had a discussion over who could take you home - and I got your calm, shy dog self to come back with me. Danny fell in love with you, and you guys were inseparable from the beginning. I am really glad that when I had to leave the country, Danny took you and loved you for the rest of your life. You guys mad a beautiful family, and I am so thankful for it, and for the dog beauty and wisdom you brought into our lives. You will never be forgotten dearest Sam.
Jacques Abelman - March 17, 2014
Sammy Lives ForeverJer Ber Jones - March 15, 2014
Sorry for your loss, Mr. Danny and Joel.Phron M - March 6, 2014
sammy was such a beautiful dog, may he rest in peacegabby rivera - March 5, 2014
All dogs go to heaven! See you there someday little SammyDiana Lambert - March 5, 2014
Mr D,
I am so sorry for your lost. May he
rest in perfect peace.
funmi Adegalu - March 5, 2014
Cassidy Ryan - March 5, 2014
Sammy...makes me so sad you had to move on to chase that doggie treat in the sky. What a great dog pal you were to your special Danny and to Joel, to Gertie and to Sage. Your patience with Sage was unending. Fly free. You are very missed.Jane S - March 5, 2014
It's so hard to say goodbye ! Thinking of you .Linda Conrad - March 5, 2014
joel Casey - March 5, 2014
I am so sorry for your loss. Sammy sounds like he was an amazing friend.....Charles Schultz captured the essence of dogs so well in the following quote, "All his life he tried to be a good person. Many times, however, he failed.
For after all, he was only human. He wasn't a dog.".....much love to you, Amy
Amy Diana-Natalicchio - March 4, 2014
Scruffy, magestic, one eyebrow raised beautiful creature --- I can see you flying free of constraint.K Dilley - March 4, 2014
you were a great dog Sammy! forever in our hearts. xoxxoPete Weiss - March 4, 2014
Love you all. xoxoxoDee Dee and Griffin Grimes - March 4, 2014
Sammy dear Love--
You are forever in our hearts and minds and though we feel emptiness without your physical presence, your magnificent and courageous spirit lives on! There's no one like You--we are so lucky to be your fiends!
Moira Scar - March 4, 2014
My little guy, I miss you now and forever. May this virtual candle give me strength, and give you safe passage through time. I will see you in dream; the veil is thinning.Danny LeVesque - March 4, 2014
Laura Mulley - March 4, 2014
Rest in peace. U were such a sweet dog.Kate Bell - March 3, 2014
I love you, pal.daniel LeVesque - March 3, 2014

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