Asia Grace
8/28/2005 - 8/2/2017It's been a sad 3 years gone. I think of her, every single day.
In 2005 my oldest son, came home from Iraq a wounded warrior. He was 22 years old. During that horrific time in our lives, I decided an emotional support pet, may be the thing he needed. We went to a litter of puppies, that were had 6 weeks and 3 days prior. She caught my eye. While all the other puppies were being puppies she sat stoically, looking at him. Every step he made to interact with the puppies, her eyes never left him. I knew right there...she knew. She came home with us that day, and changed so many lives. Asia, was a pure Pitbull. We affectionately called her, our pitiful. She went everywhere he went. VA clinics, South Carolina and back down to Florida. She was our best friend, in a time where pain was at the forefront of our lives. When Asia, was 10 months old, my first grandson came. Her "Nanny Dog" instincts kicked in, and she was amazing. 4 more babies came, in her time with us. And she was proud, of her people. When my son, became very ill by the events, of Iraq, I took over her care. But in reality, she cared for us. All of us. Each morning, greeting us and sitting on the couch while we would have coffee. Asia, created a safe place for all those days, that my son would need during his emotional healing from war. Asia, had a cameo news slot, on. WMBF in South Carolina, that talked about our group that met on weekends, to socialize and meet and greet Billy breed, and any others that wanted to walk the park that day. Hundreds of families, came out that weekend... Just to meet her. And she changed the mindset that stigmatized the Pitbull and the breed specific laws that were put in place, in many states not because the breed was bad.. But because they were used for bad things. She taught many that it's not the breed, it's the way you handle/raise them. In Asia's lifetime she never even growled at another dog. Instead she allowed that dog, to ease it's spirit and enjoy the "it's a dog's life" moments.
Kelly Kwasna-RizzoPort Saint Lucie, FloridaSeptember 20, 2020
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Sweet, beautiful girl!Tiffany Matheson - October 1, 2020

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