2/14/2014 - 1/22/2021If you ever have the opportunity to rescue a pet, do so. Adopt from a shelter. I’m certain it was Jessie who rescued me though. I would often say she was my soulmate. We got Jessie Spano when I was pregnant with C. (YES that was her name! @animalleague named her that when they saved her life) My life was dramatically shifting and I was in no position to adopt a second dog. But Jessie and I were destined to be together. She was a puppy mill mama. She suffered tremendously (one quick Google search and you’ll understand). When we got her, she had a long road to recovering to even suboptimal health. She had never really seen the light of day. Oh but how she LOVED the sun when she found it. We would have to carry her inside from sunbathing so she wouldn’t overheat herself. She would find all the sunspots in the house and happily sleep on them. But - as I was saying...Jessie took care of me too. A true mom - she would follow me around the house at all times, even at night when I had to pee for the 8th time when I was pregnant. She never left my side. A consult supportive companion. She become my best friend. My silent therapist. She understood me because she was a mom. We had an undeniable connection. Years and life went on. Many changes, good times in the house and most certainly some bad times. But she was always there with me through it all. The thing is- we never knew Jessie’s age. When you rescue a pet, there is no way to be sure. She was estimated to be around 5 when we adopted her. She battled chronic health issues from her time of neglect in the terrible puppy mill. Every year we had with her was truly a gift. And we had 7 years. On 2/14 it would had been 7 years since we adopted Jessie. Valentine’s was her unofficial birthday. I’m writing this to bring your attention to education needed around animal adoption and as an absolute statement of gratitude for all those who work in animal rescue. But I am also writing to find some peace in documenting her beautiful soul and all she gave to me and my family. She LOVED us, hated to be away from us even for a short moment, and gave us so many laughs and happy memories. My last words to her were to go find all the sunspots in heaven. Well, less than an hour after she passed, she sent me a ray of sun. As I was sitting on the couch, a sun beam came all the way from our upstairs window (one of her favorite sunspots by the way) down the stairs, and onto my head. Yesterday the weather was fairly dreary - so I’m certain that was a gift from her. It happened again a little while after as C was sitting in the same spot I had been. To my Jessie pug: You were the greatest pup anyone could ever know. Thank you for all you gave me. I will forever miss you. But this I know: Here comes the sun.Christopher KingFloral Park, New YorkJanuary 24, 2021
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