2/15/2006 - 10/12/2019The last picture we will have as a family of six.. you were our first dog... I still remember the day we adopted you 14 years ago. We went to see you at the shelter and had an instant connection.. but being first time dog owners we wanted to look at another shelter to compare... but once we got to the other shelter we knew it was you.. we rushed back to tell them we wanted you and had it been a minute later we would of lost you to another family! The vet tech Renee knew you were special and told us that very day..and in that moment we created fate. You were meant to be ours and we were meant to be yours! Now, 14 years later and a life together that moment was everything. You were our perfect dog through the years.. we loved you unconditionally.. our first baby.. you taught us how to be parents... how to care for someone other than ourselves.. you kept us together in our young years and are part of the reason we are now married and blessed with our two beautiful children. You were there through the fun years and traveled with us.. you were there on our wedding day by our side.. you were there when we brought both our babies home from the hospital.. you protected them and loved them... they loved you! Countless memories.. trips to SC, beach trips, the keys, you got to see snow and sand and live the boat life! You loved floating in the pool and going for walks... you always would wait by the door for me and greeted me when I came home.. from the first day we brought you home from the shelter you became my number 1 fan in life and I will never forget that! You also taught Blake what a family dog is..and you taught Brohn alll of your good behavior.. Brohn will continue to be a good dog because of you!
But, this last year you could no longer stopped coming to the door.. you started snapping at the kids.. you no longer enjoyed being loved and just weren’t the same Marcus so we had to do what’s best for you and our family. This is so hard but what gets me through it is the fact that you waited until our family was complete to say goodbye.. you had to see us through.. to get to “your” end... no dog will ever compare to you and how amazing you were! Marcus Bailey, markey mark, marcII, booba, and Jibba Jubba! Your head tilt, one ear up and one ear down, up up, you want to go to the beach? The car, howling at the fire truck sirens in Baltimore, Rif ruf, handing us your paw when you sat in the front seat, having a moment, the fireplace and how you got so close, hide and seek, skunk costume, and nanny giving you foot longs and whole pieces of pizza! Just a few of the best memories! We hope we gave you an amazing enough life as you gave us.. you will forever live on in our hearts!
Michelle MillerBradenton, FloridaOctober 13, 2019
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Marcus you were an amazing puppy. Not only were you Michelle and Keith's dog you were our (Miller Family) first dog as well. The love you showed our family will never be forgotten. Having you around during family gatherings, vacations or just visits made the occasion complete. You were the ultimate family member and we looked forward to seeing you all the time. You leave a void that can't be replaced but the love that we shared with you will never be forgotten. Our hearts are saddened but we know you are now free of all your physical problems and running, playing and watching over your family.
Rest in peace Marcus Bailey, you are one in a million. God bless you and thank you for being part of our family.
Dennis Miller - October 25, 2019
Love you forever puppy! Had a dream about you last night and you were so happy running around! We miss you but will never forget you! Love your number 1 fan!Michelle Miller - October 15, 2019
Sweet Marcus - you will be missed always but forever loved.Dr. Nil - October 14, 2019

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