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Dear sis and Cleo Iโ€™m so
Sorry for
You lost I know she was so
Special to
You and you love her so much god bless you and her may sh Rest In Peace much love you brother Ed
Eduardo Ramos - October 26, 2020
Oh sweet Chleo, you are going missed. Such a gentle loving soul. Your big heart and goofy personality always shifted my mood. I will.never forget when I was.visting and in the middle of the night I couldn't breathe. Well to my surprise the reason was you had laid your body across my chest. When I would visit you always knew I had snacks. You were always their watching over my sister. You were such a awesome guardian for her. I knew you were always by her side thru good times and bad times. I am definitely going to miss you sweet girl. Please say hi to my Lucy. Now you can both play with Lulu. I am sorry we have lost you; however, you are no longer in pain. Rest in.peace sweet girl. Til we see each other again. Love you.Nancy Ramos - October 26, 2020
I was happy I got to be with you until your last moments here on earth. You have been such a big part of our lives in the 9 years you were with us as a pup. It's going to be difficult not seeing you greet us everyday at the door. But we will cherish those precious memories. Cherish the times you sat with us as we had our morning coffees and pastries; the times you took over the whole area just so we give you belly rubs; the times you came with us for a joyride in the front seat; the times you were there for us when we were in our lows. When the kids of the house left for school, you were always Mom's companion as she maintained the house. You were both her friend and her child who took care of her and was always by her side in the days her health wasn't the best. When I had to be away from home due to school, I knew that with you by her side, my Mom would be fine.
I am happy that you were able to be in NYC one last time before you left this world. You were so happy that day as children greeted you on the streets with attention and love.
Although it pains us that you are not here anymore, we are content that you are in peace now with our loved ones above. Please continue to watch our family until we are reunited.

Love you to infinity and back.
Your Sister,
Alejandra Pereira - October 26, 2020

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