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Estes was a good boy! He was always smiling and happy. His happiness was infectious and at times even changed the mood I was in that day. I'll miss hearing his loud barks saying "hey Jason, how are you doing? Let's play!". So much energy, I didn't know where he got it from. You always had a place in your heart for me and I felt the same way. I miss you buddy.Jason Mccabe - October 18, 2019
We miss himSteve Haefling - October 17, 2019
Estes, we were so lucky to get to know you and your sweet energy. You were instantly our friend with no hesitation. Your mom and dad love you so much, and I know they are grateful your life was able to be spent with them. The house feels like there’s a big hole in it. None of us will ever forget you. I will miss your bearded dog smile and innocent playfulness. I know your spirit is blessing others while you wait to be with your family again. Run free and play hard up there, Estes. Til we meet againCally Smith - October 17, 2019
I miss you so much buddy. The house feels really empty without you around. I miss waking up with you in the morning and going on our morning walk. It’s so hard to get used to life without you. I love you and miss you.Joe Haefling - October 14, 2019

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