10/31/2002 - 9/1/2015Herm`s was an 8 week old puppy we met at the Detroit Humane Society. He had just been bathed and was under the dryer. A warm fluffy fur-ball full of love. He was named by my youngest son after Herman Munster. They told us at the Humane Society he would be a medium sized dog......well 100 lb large dog is what we ended up with. :D He had grown into his name. He was a faithful, sensitive and comforting soul. He always knew when someone was sick or down and snuggled. He was also a prankster. He would try to trip us when we walked by him sometimes by sticking his leg out. I swear he had a sense of humor. I`m looking forward to that sleigh ride in heaven with him. We`ll miss you till heavenMichele FlemingRochester Hills, MichiganSeptember 3, 2015
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Rest in peace Herman. You will never be forgotten by those who loved you so very much.Courtney Graham - September 4, 2015
Miss you.michele fleming - September 3, 2015
Miss you.michele fleming - September 3, 2015

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