The saddest day of my life ...when i had to say goodbye to my babygirl...words can not express how hard this is and it's taken me days to even accept the reality of it. I just hope that when she left me she knew how truly special she was in life not only for making me smile everyday but for her bright presence because cancer might have taken over her body but has never broken her spirit and i can only hope that as time goes by and all the hurt will slowly fade the day will come when i will forget the pain of losing her and only remember the happiness she brought to my life!❤️🐾❤️Cristina NedelcuArlington heights, IllinoisSeptember 28, 2015
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What a beautiful girl Sandy was! It's so obvious how much you loved her! It's so incredibly hard to let them go, but she knew you loved her right till she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. The memories are bittersweet for some time, and your love for her will never end. You will heal, but Sandy will always be a part of your heart! 🐕 🐾Julia P. - November 24, 2015
I feel your pain, I was in the same situation and it will always be sad that she's not around, you'll see her favorite places and just stare...but eventually the paid will fade with time, and it'll heal, and then you'll see her favorite places and likely smile, or just remember a good memory. It will start to get better, and your baby knew how much you LOVE her, it's not hard to tell. Hope for your pain to fade quickly, and are left with good memories.Michael Vike - October 2, 2015

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