2/14/2007 - 9/26/2015As companions to our animals, we all understand that part of the bargain is that we will outlive them. Knowing this ahead of time does not make it any easier to say goodbye to our beloved friends. Gary fought a valiant effort against his cancer, and he never seemed to let it get him down. He just adapted and still seem to enjoy life to the fullest. We know that he is now in a painless place and we remember him with love and joy.Chris WilsonDeerfield Beach, FloridaSeptember 29, 2015
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How you came to have Gary and Justine in your home is so moving. What a gift for all of you to have had each other. Your hearts ache for sweet Gary and I hope, knowing he is pain free and strong will give you comfort. He'll be waiting to see you at the Rainbow Bridge! ๐Ÿ• ๐ŸพJulia P. - November 24, 2015
Gary was a sweetheart, and despite his painful disease, was a pleasure to meet and be around through his final moments. I would have loved to have known him as a younger Greyhound. He was able to pass peacefully in his home, on his favorite couch, with his loving parents and family and canine and feline friends right by his side.Jordan Taheri - September 30, 2015

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