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When I think of Maxie now, i see his eyes, so deep and pensive and patient, and I think I see a special light in his eyes now too, because he is light-hearted and in a good place. I'll bet he's been greeted by all the other pets who used to live at our house too, Sage and Lilly and Fly, to name just a few, all well-loved and part of our family.roberta baker - March 11, 2013
Good old Max the dog. He barked at me. He sat on me. He stared at me. But mostly, I guess he tolerated me. He was a good soul.Jeff Israel - March 9, 2013
He was a smart, caring, loving dog who finally got to recognize me and welcomed me always. I miss you Max and know that you are still with us all and now without suffering.grandma sheila goldmacher - March 7, 2013
Good by my dear Max. I walked and cared for you for up to 5 days a week covering 4 plus years. You are such a great human being. It was you who told me where to walk you. Which treats were your favorite and such loving kisses you gave! I know you are now running free!Linda Mutch - March 6, 2013
My heart is with during this hard time, I love youSuzi Goldmacher - March 6, 2013
Max...a beautiful soul who was loved so much! Max was an inspiration to me to get a dog of my own. He was my friend at work and brought joy to many of my days there. Although he was frightened of me at first and barked loudly to show his fear we learned to trust each other and he became a companion who would sleep at my feet when his "mommy" was out. You could see his soul through his gorgeous brown eyes. He was loved and will be missed by many.Kim Cosby - March 6, 2013
In memory of Max - he will be missed as much as he was loved.Anthony Smith - March 4, 2013

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