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What a wonderful kitty and a wonderful life she had. I am so sorry for your loss and I hope you see her again.Glen Harris - August 17, 2013

I know you are in a happy place with all of your brothers and sisters. Eating, playing and snuggling. I hope your spirit comes to visit us. You will be missed!

Aunt Stefie
Stefanie Natiello - August 16, 2013
So sorry to hear that Elizabeth is gone. I know you have lots of wonderful memories. That's the greatest thing that remains for us when they move on. God Bless.Diane Hainsworth - August 15, 2013
So sorry about your sweet Elizabeth.
I heard we see our animals in Heaven-
I believe!
Anne Lynn - August 13, 2013
I know what you are feeling. I ask that God embraces you to help ease the pain.Richard Trent - August 13, 2013
What a wonderful kitty! I hope the wonderful memories she gave you will comfort you.
Cindy Split - August 13, 2013
Still with your loving family in their hearts. Say hello to Fats, Nellie and Poodah...we will miss you terribly until we are together again.Lynn & Terry Cantrell - August 13, 2013
I am sure she is frolicking, fit as a fiddle up in heaven with DB!
AND if our pets and animals are not in heaven- I don't wanna go!
Love you guys- kisses to all
Gwen and Dave
gwen kendall - August 13, 2013
Miss Elizabeth,
Look at you surrounded by all the Christmas presents. What a beautiful kitty cat! Your Mom told me your special story and I am so happy you found your forever home where love was enduring and patience bountiful. Now remember, you need to come visit and let your family know you are doing just fine and keeping God company. You are missed every day and hearts are very heavy. I know the memories you made for your family will have them smiling again. Fly sweetly with your Angel Wings.
Dr. Laura
Laura Allison - August 12, 2013

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