11/5/2000 - 8/6/2013Mocca was my faithful companion through all the ups and downs of the past years; she was a gentle soul and unfailingly enthusiastic about the simple things in life. She loved being around children and they adored her in return. Riding in the convertible, running in the waves at the beach and shredding paper were her favorite pastimes. I will miss her always...Brigitte SteinmannNaples, FloridaAugust 13, 2013
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Still missing you after all this time...Brigitte Steinmann - April 11, 2017
Dear Brigitte,

We are so sorry for your loss and we send you our love. We are luck that we had the chance to meet sweet Mocha and know that every word is true.

Our love from across the seas,

Dianna & Stella Hochkoeppler - August 26, 2013
She was Max best friend, will miss her but they now play together again.Guy Ayel - August 25, 2013
Beautiful Moccha, I will always remember you. Running and playing with Max around the pool. You were a very sweet and loving dog. I love you moccha. rest in peace with Max and all yours friendsDanielle Ayel - August 21, 2013
Although we met only briefly many years ago, I always asked about her and was sad to learn that she is no longer with us but happily shredding paper in dog heaven!Axel Hochkoeppler - August 15, 2013
I was so sad to hear about Mocha. You see, Mocha bought me my first toys when my owner brought me home. I was one years old and grew up on a farm and I never had any toys to play with until a wonderful package arrived with what is now my favorite toy--a stuffingless duck. There were also many wonderful treats that mom said were good for me. They were sure tasty. I hope to finally meet Mocha in doggie heaven some day. Your forever grateful friend, BreezyBreezy Christoff - August 15, 2013

As I had not seen you for a while and now will only when I come to be with you and your friends you are always in my heart. You are a sweet soul and quite the fellow when you were sporting with your mama in the convertible and you sunglasses! You caught the heart of all who met you.

A big hug around that big neck for you and kisses also. Same to your mom. I know you are running and playing with your friends now and watching over mom also.
Carole Auer - August 15, 2013
I met mocca about a year ago walking down the sidewalk, instant friendship at first sight. I'm so sorry Brigitte, best friends are hard to come by.I am happy to have been mocca approved!lori couture - August 15, 2013
Blink Dog can show her the best places to play since she has been there for a little over a year. I you are missing you.Sharon and Gwen Lezama - August 14, 2013
We have fond memories of Mocca....that happy face and her gentle nature made many friends here in Gulf Harbors. She was a special "house guest" and we loved her company. There is a special place in heaven for her while she continues to be in our hearts.Nancy & Don Johnson - August 14, 2013
Mocca Bear! I will always remember how much she loved walks and happily splashed in the gutters after a heavy rain. And how she would greet anyone at the door with a toy in her mouth - she loved those toys - esp. the blue cow! I will especially remember how sweet she was and how easily she could communicate - she was very special and I'm so glad I had the opportunity in MY (our) life to know and love her too.Lisa DePew - August 13, 2013
The shredding paper hobby is my favorite! You did a beautiful job, BrigitteSuzanne Brough - August 13, 2013
I remember a very small Mocca chasing leaves as they blew around the front yard and me having to chase her in an attempt to get her back in the house. It was comical.

She was a great dog.
Jim Reynolds - August 13, 2013
knew her only briefly towards the end of her life and her spirit was shining brightly. I raise my glass to you sweet thing!richard caden - August 13, 2013
Sweet Mocca... I'll always remember your happy energy and loving manner.Nadya Swafford - August 13, 2013
Ray Riddle - August 13, 2013
Will Roger's quote says it all..."If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went."

I miss her but I am happy to know she is with all those who we have loved that have gone before.

I hope they have Costco chicken in Heaven.
Deanna Walker - August 13, 2013

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