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It is with a VERY heavy heart that I write this post. The loss of our little stinky has been difficult to say the least. And a kind of sadness I have never experienced. Gixx has been in my life as long as shes been in our family. I have never had her 100% of the time but she was our "family dog" for 16 years. I would see her on my visits to Chicago & Michigan, and as of lately, dad had been bringing her down for the winter months so I have had time to bond with Gixx even more the past 2-3 years. We have so many great stories to tell about her Houdini escapes and super cute stances *THE FROG* the list goes on and on. She was really a special soul....

I was speaking of Gixxer just last night and I remember something that happened last season dad was here in Florida. We had given gave her a bone after one of our cook out meals, she gnawed on it for a while and then eventually found a nice hiding spot for it in our back yard. Now shes is somewhat familiar with our house/yard, but its certainly not her backyard and her vision had been failing her lately but nevertheless she found a spot. A few days later, she came back over and she started wondering from one side of the yard to the other... We had no idea if she was looking for a perfect spot to do her business or what, but we let her wander. And sure enough about 15 min later, she came back in the house dirt filled paws and bone in mouth. I thought this was really incredible!! I have never had a pet personally bot man was she was one sharp little lady....

We will miss you Gixx, and there will NEVER be another. Now you just have to keep Pashku on his 5 mile walks while you're up there in doggie heaven. Rest in peace little angel. XOXO


Your Big Sister Lisa
Lisa Grossauer - November 5, 2019

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