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Sky was a great cat, I met her once she was born at Erin West (Peter’s) house and I will never forget the week we were supposed to bring her home she found her way into a pan of oil and had to be thoroughly cleaned. She was always getting into trouble as a kitten but grew up to be such a patient low maintenance cat. We loved her very much and will miss her dearly!Debra Garrett - April 1, 2020
You are truly missed Skylar by everyone! Including Smyth who always called you "weather". We love you, and know you are having a good time "ignoring" all the doggies!!Melissa Barbarossa - April 1, 2020
You were an amazing cat. Have fun playing with Obi, Sancy, Cookie and Athena. ❤️Christina Barbarossa - March 30, 2020

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