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Gretel girl was the absolute sweetest pup I have ever met. Not a mean bone in her body. Gretel was a princess and boy oh boy did she know it!! She was the goofiest pup with the cutest little grin and biggest paws, always rolling over to get a belly rub from whoever would come up to her (which was everyone because who could resist that face)! Gretel was such a beautiful girl and was always willing to accept a hug and listen to anyone. She was a gentle giant and loved biscuits and just chilling out in the house with people she loved. She lived such a good life. Gretel knew she was so loved by all of you 💕Ally Mattera - March 26, 2020
Gretel was a beautiful gentle dog. Little did she know that she would come to live with the most caring family a pet could have. In return she was a loyal companion ready to receive a hug, listen to the day’s woes, give a wag of the tail, greet you at the door and also be the willing recipient of a treat. She lived a good life and will be sorely missed❤️
Love Oma
Linda Mague - March 25, 2020
.GmaGpa May - March 24, 2020

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