Pedro Almodovar
7/6/2004 - 6/29/2020A piece of my heart is now missing. Our sweet, snaggletoothed, three-legged old man passed peacefully and like a prince; his head on a silk pillow, my arm around him and a tummy full of steak. Pedro taught me to be assertive, patient and how to love unconditionally.

If you knew Pedro, you knew his gremlin noises, his sweet stare, his red eyelashes and of course, in true chihuahua character, he most likely tried to bite you.

I know you’ll be watching over dog heaven in between naps and I hope they give you all the treats you want. Paulina and will hold down the pack for you.

As the great maestro and your namesake Pedro Almodóvar said, “Cinema can fill in the empty spaces of your life and your loneliness.” But I think he also meant dogs. #shrimpbreathforever
Carolina LlorcaLos Angeles, CaliforniaJuly 7, 2020
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