6/4/2009 - 7/6/2020My dearest Lily baby,

I love you so so much! Thank you so much for being part of our family's life for 11 years. You are the best first dog I could ever ask for. Not too chill but always sweet, goofy and naughty enough to keep things interesting and fun. You have been with me all through my twenties and have helped me though many huge transitional changes in my life. You were even part of my wedding on our cake!

Sweet heart I know in doggy heaven you are chasing balls, lasers and getting all the unlimited car rides you can get on!

Honey, oh how I wish you could have met my first son coming this December. But I know you will be his guardian guard dog and watch over and comfort us. You are the best gift he has so far you have taught Daddy and I how to train, be patient, love, clean and spoil someone other than ourselves you will always be my baby.

Thank you for giving me your last kiss and final tail wag.

I love you so much and I'll see you next time!
Come visit me in my dreams anytime.



Lily left this world yesterday peacefully at home with the ones she was loved the most beside my parents, brother, my husband and myself.

Although SIP sucks for many reasons. For me and Lily it was blessing. I got to spend a whole lot more time with her than I normally could not during her final months. These are memories I will cherish forever.

Lily Yau

June 4th, 2009
July 6th, 2020
Fremont, CaliforniaJuly 7, 2020
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Lily honey! I still miss you very much its just been over 2 months since you left us and I still have a hole in my โค. I wish many times I can meet you at the door greeting me while your tale wags at the large vase. Thank you for visiting Nick in his dreams the other day. He said the both of you were driving shot gun together. I hope you are getting many car rides together in doggy heaven. I love you!Sheila Yau - September 10, 2020
Lily thank you for being extra sweet on my birthday. It was wonderful having you in my dreams for the first time since you left. I hope you had fun with me at Costco getting clorox wipes lol. I love and miss you a lot dearly. You know I hardly get google image notifications but it was nice getting a short story and seeing your lovely face. Love you honey! ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’–โ™ฅ๏ธ
Sheila Yau - August 14, 2020
Lily honey its been almost a month since you left this world. I cannot tell you how slow this month has been for me. There hasn't been a day you were not on my mind and that I have not missed your dearly. My eyes haven't been dry neither but I'm sure you already know this. Thank you for saying hello in your own way these past few weeks. I enjoy looking at the Mashi Maru doll that you sent to me. I just stared feeling my baby last week and couldn't help thinking that you would have loved to meet him. Big baby I hope all has been well for you on the other side. You be good. Keep saying hello I will look out for them.Sheila Yau - August 4, 2020
Hi Lily!

You're the best dog ever. Before I met you, I was afraid of dogs in general and absolutely terrified of big dogs like you. But you showed me that big doggies have even bigger hearts by treating me like a member of your pack. I can't believe that I went from walking across the street from a big dog to letting you lick my face on the floor. You really changed me to become a better and more compassionate person. Thank you for being patient with me and for being such a good girl!

. Nick - August 3, 2020
I miss you lots big baby! Say hi to mew bao yau and nala! You are the best!Sheila Yau - July 8, 2020

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