3/1/2009 - 11/14/2019Oh sweet Carebear- we love you so much much. We are so glad you found us and called this home. We are so happy to have had the short time with you and show you what love and care really is. You always made us smile in everything you did. From taking walks with mommy, to following daddy around the yard. Your photogenic personality was always there and you gave it your best all the way to the end. I’m sad your gone from this earth but so glad you are free of cancer and pain and are able to run and play. Until we meet again sweet Carebear

We love you so much.
Gone from earth but never from our hearts.

Dad, mom, Mimi, DJ, Christopher and
Labbi, Leo, Layla, Lexi, Piper,Prue, Paige, Phoebe
Kari WilliamsMiddletown, ConnecticutNovember 16, 2019
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Today we got you a beautiful headstone. Daddy placed it out on your grave and as hopes you know we always are thinking of you. Love and miss you so much. Fly high and tell Sammi I love and miss her! Xoxox till we meet again.Kari Williams - January 14, 2020
What an amazing personality you were, Carebear! You picked the perfect family to spend your final years with, and I am sure you knew that. Though you are gone, the impact you made in this world is not; your bright and beautiful spirit will most definitely live on in the many who knew and loved you.Rachel Burns - November 21, 2019
There is a giant hole in my heart that only you could fill my sweet sweet cat. I miss you coming in the house and seeking out my lap which was one of your favorite places to be. Doing yard work will never be the same without my little helper. You were such a fixture in my life and day that my sadness is deep and I find myself missing you every second that passes. I love you little fur girl.... until we meet again!
Love, your Daddy
Justin Williams - November 18, 2019
Such a good kitty! We’re all missing you Carebear.Palmer Whitehead - November 17, 2019
She will definitely be missed!Jodi Jamieson - November 17, 2019
We’re so sorry about precious little Carebear. Such a beautiful cat that you nursed back to health and loved so dearly. We know it’s a rough time but please remember that Carebear had nothing but love for you guys and if there is a Big-Man Upstairs he is probably getting his ears meowed off about the best and most loving home and people ever found. We hope nothing but peace finds all of you after this devastating news.Cameron and Mackenzie Steadman - November 17, 2019
We rolled around in the yard together so many times! You were the most beautiful and photogenic cat!! You can finally roll around in fields of mice and cat treats for the rest of time!! Until we meet again, I love you carebear thank you for all the love and smiles!!!Dennis Santangelo - November 17, 2019
Love you baby!Kari Williams - November 17, 2019

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