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Although I can now remember you with a smile instead of tears, I miss you so.
Your Mommy
Susan O'Shields - May 22, 2015
It's hard to believe it's been a year since you, my precious baby boy, went to Heaven but I know you were greeted with open arms by Mother, Daddy your sister Juliette and all others loved my your Mommy....I will always miss you my sugar boy and you will always have a special place in my heart.....part of you stayed with me and will always be there.....I'll see you again my baby boy at the rainbow bridge......Love you so and miss you forever and a day.......Kisses........Your Mommy - May 22, 2014
I am so sorry Jade is gone. I know how special he was to you. You have been such a wonderful mommy to him, and all the furry children you mothered. You are a special friend that I have known forever, and will always have a special place in my heart. You loved my little Katie and Trixie, who are now with Jade, waiting for us. Hang in there! I love you!Audrey Trull - June 25, 2013
Jade was the best cat I have ever known, he is loving caring and social. Aunt Dude (Susan) moved in as my neighbor, the first day I met her she brought over a little fur ball and he loved me he has always been there for me and everyone who loved him. If any of you known him you would know what I mean. Jade was like a baby to me, Aunt Dude said that he was as equally mine as to her. we will never forget the loving and playful little Jade! we will always look out for sings that shows that he is still with us. Jade was the best cat that ever lived and he lived a great life. We love you Jade and hope you have fun in Heaven, we know you are with your loved ones and that you will someday see us again!bailey sheehan-watson - June 23, 2013
I was adopted by a wandering outdoor kitty too. I am sorry for your loss.Glen Harris - June 1, 2013
We will miss you Jade.....Eddie Anderson - May 30, 2013
Love you so...O'Shields - May 27, 2013
I am so sorry for your lossKelly Ferguson - May 27, 2013
Jade was a lucky kitty to have you in his life. Remember all the happiness & joy he brought into your life & smile when you think of him. He loved you too!!Nancy Jo Miller - May 27, 2013
To the official door greeter. You will be missed!Kathleen Urbanski - May 27, 2013
We will miss your visits on our street Jade, your visits on our porch, and hearing your Mommy's whistle, telling us she was home and searching for you. Take care our furry friend, you will be so missed by so many.Charlene Bird - May 27, 2013

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