9/12/2003 - 7/1/2020From the moment I saw your picture (Oct 2003) I knew this was gonna be one if the most amazingly beautiful roads we could possibly share. The moment I got you in my arms, you told me your name; It wasn’t even in my thoughts - then it was clear as day.
We’ve shared a million wonderful moments, car rides, moves, new friends, your babies & almost 17 years together. You will always be my baby. Always be my bestest friend. The only one, besides myself, who knows me for everything I am & always loved me as unconditionally as I love you.
I knew something happened two weeks ago,,, I could feel it in my soul,,, that this time you wouldn’t get better from whatever was making you sick. You slowly gave up on eating food. & in my restless sleep Sunday night, you came to me in my dreams and told me it was time. I made the call this morning so you could finally be laid to rest.
Brianne DentonTacoma, WashingtonJuly 2, 2020
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Safe travels, Allie girl 🌈🐾🤍arista honey - July 4, 2020
I'm thinking of you 🐾😢🐾🌈Nadine Enright - July 4, 2020

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