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Dear sweet Porschey...it was my absolute privilege to be a part of your life. I loved sleeping on the floor with you in your Florida home. You were the best girl ever. I know I’m not alone saying how much you will be missed. I feel honored to have known such a remarkable creature. Someday, we will all see you again. Until then, RIP beautiful angel. Thank you for all your love 💕 And thank you Wayne & Sherry for sharing her with all of us!Rhonda Sireci - January 22, 2021
Our beautiful Porsche- she was not just a dog but a gift to so many people who knew her over the her lifetime or had met her for the first time. Her love and affection was contagious and could turn even the average person into an immense Porsche lover. She spread love and happiness throughout our world with her fluff and pompous posture. She had attitude -astute and poised but filled with warmth and passion. She would command a deep ass and back rub and in return deliver a wag of her tail and adoration. She was not just Sherry and Wayne's best friend but a best friend to all of their friends and family. She was sent for a purpose which was to spread love and joy to all who knew her. She did that job very well making it that much more difficult to say good bye. Her absence is a huge void in our lives but we are blessed that her gigantic spirit continues living on bringing continued love and smiles to each and every day. God Speed our Porsche Baby! You are truly the best of the best!Molly Koessler - January 22, 2021
Never was a dog so loved and so loving. You are missed everyday, Porsche! You made an impact on us!The Pulinski Family - January 22, 2021
Porsche gave unconditionally and brought joy to everyone who met her. May Porsche rest in love.Anna Champagne - January 22, 2021

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