7/21/2004 - 5/23/2020Corbu faced several health challenges they past few years. He suffered from chronic kidney disease and partial paralysis from degenerative myelopathy, as well as some other issues. He used a wheelchair to walk since last summer. But despite it all he persisted. His determination was an inspiration to many who knew him and saw him on his daily walks in his wheelchair. Last week we learned that he had pancreatic cancer that had spread and treatment was not an option. He seemed to quickly decline, although on his last night with us he ate a piece of pizza and half of a rotisserie chicken. In the last years Corbu developed severe fear and anxiety going to any vet office. It was important to us that he pass in the comfort of his home surrounded by this family. It meant everything to be able to provide that for him. He was 2 months shy of his 16th birthday. We miss him terribly.Sybil SlavinRoseville, CaliforniaMay 24, 2020
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Thank you for what you brought to my heart..i will always
Remember your sweet smile, patience, with Zaha and no matter
What occasion you had an outfit that made you one of the most fashionable
Pooches around...So here's looking at you kid and know you are missed !
Love to you Sweet Boy. Hugs...& Kisses....
Barbara McPherson - June 4, 2020
Dear, dear Corbu, I remember when "the neighbors" first brought you home as a pup, when you only had one ear up! You were happy from the get-go and became a fixture in our little community, brightening the days for so many of us. Because of you "the neighbors" turned out to be Sybil and David, much more than neighbors. And because of you, I made the decision to adopt my little pup, Riley. You were so friendly and gracious when she came on the scene, teaching her how to play and letting her use your yard. I'm so glad you two can be together again! I'm sure she has missed you, like we all do now.
Please keep an eye on your parents and sister while they are missing you and continuing on by themselves. It will take them some time to figure this out!
Kathy Utchen Rice - May 28, 2020
Corbu, it’s your corgi sister, Zaha. I hope you are ok now. I hated seeing you sick. You were there to welcome me into the family 12 years ago. You were the coolest big brother. I was in awe of you. I know I bossed you are around a lot, but that was my job. Mom and Dad miss you so much. They are a little lost without you. Many friends and neighbors have come by to express their condolences. Everyone in the neighborhood misses seeing the amazing corgi in his wheelchair motoring down the block. We know you are an angel looking down on us. Please watch over our family. We miss you so much.Zaha Slavin - May 26, 2020

You were my best little buddy. I love you and I’ll miss you so much. You will always be in my thoughts.

Your Pappa and big buddy.
David Crawford - May 26, 2020
Sweet Corbu had the most amazing forever home with you, and he reflected back all the love you gave him. He shared many adventures with you. I love the picture of him on the beach.Sue Mowatt - May 26, 2020
We love you CorbuSybil Slavin - May 25, 2020

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