5/5/2004 - 11/6/2019Oh my sweet Leeloo, I miss you SO so much. You were my constant companion for most of my adult life. From heartaches and homework to marriage and moving, you were always by my side with your raspy meow and constant purr. I will desperately miss our morning routine of back rubs and face scratches and hanging out while I drank coffee and did yoga. I will desperately miss you sitting by my side, always. Usually with one paw on me. Whether it was watching TV, working from home, or just chilling out on the bed, you were always next to me. I'll miss "kitty alarm clock" and how you boldly meowed at the top of your lungs when it was time for bed or time to wake up. I'll miss you pawing at my head for pets and loves. I'll miss making the bed and having you run under the sheets. I'll miss chasing you around the house, yelling "kitten play time!" (that was your favorite game ever). I'll miss you stomping on your Daddy's pillow when he was on a work trip. I'll miss your sweet, soft purr. I'll miss talking to you and how you would perfectly respond to all of my questions. I'll miss pointing out your knees to you. I'll miss burying my face in your extremely soft fur. I'll miss giving you more kisses than you wanted. I'll miss holding you upside down like a baby and how much you complained even though you secretly loved it. I miss you so much my love. I will see you again, and you can be by my side forever. <3 <3 Love you baby girl.Rachael SassSan Jose, CaliforniaNovember 9, 2019
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Racheal and Rich,

You gave Leeloo such a wonderful life. Your last moments together were some of the most peaceful I have ever had the honor to witness. I adore the pictures of Leeloo, especially the one of you 2 from first hello to final goodbye. I am so glad you have a lock of fur from her knees to put a smile on your face. <3
Jeni Goedken - November 9, 2019

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