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My little Lucy! Just last year I had you during my birthday! Now the norm is that you’re not here. But it’s ok my love I’ll see you one day!Anne Delgado - July 6, 2020
Mi querida Lucy!!! Hace muchos días no te escribo. Pero no pienses que me he olvidado de ti!!! En estos días he pensado mucho en ti. Va a ser el cumpleaños de Anne y están tirando muchos fuegos artificiales y eso te aterraba. Yo los oigo y pienso en ti. Tú sigues en mi corazón por siempre!!! Te extraño!!!Rosanne Norat - July 4, 2020
My dearest angel! You shine so bright!! I will never forget you my love!Anne Delgado - May 23, 2020
Querida Lucy!!! Quiero decirte que sigo acordándome de ti. Te extraño mucho y al menos de esta forma me siento cerca de ti y pienso que me escuchas. Te quiero mucho!!!!Rosanne Norat - May 16, 2020
My dearest Lucy,

We have found you a brother! He is a rescue just like you and doesn't really like to fetch just like you! You will always be number one in my heart, and now it is time to save another precious life like I did with yours! I will always have you in my heart everywhere I go!
Anne Delgado - April 27, 2020
Querida Lucy!!! Hace unos días te encendí una velita pero no se grabó!!! Te quería decir que te sigo extrañando mucho!! Anne cogió un nuevo perrito!!! Yo estoy contenta y a la vez triste. Porque me acuerdo mucho de ti!!! No te preocupes que no vamos a querer al perrito más que a ti. Te amo por siempre!!!!Rosanne Notat - April 26, 2020
Querida Lucy!!!! Ya ha pasado el tiempo que te fuiste!!! Pero yo te recuerdo y te extraño!!! Hay momentos que cuando hablo con Anne , casi le pregunto por ti. En verdad te extraño mucho!!!! Me dan ganas de tocar tu naricita!!! Te quiero mucho!!!Rosanne Norat - March 28, 2020
20 weeks you’ve been gone my precious baby. I will forever love you!Anne Delgado - March 9, 2020
I miss you my angel. It has been over five weeks. So happy to have your videos to look back to. I love you forever.Anne Delgado - November 25, 2019
My baby! I miss you so much. It’s been a bit over a week you’ve been gone. I still can’t believe it. Just wanted to let you know I miss you life just isn’t the same. I know you’re running up there with God. That gives me peace. I love you!Anne Delgado - October 30, 2019
Querida Lucy fuiste una perrita maravillosa!! Gracias por haber estado con nosotros por estos diez años. En todos los momentos. Me duele mucho tu partida!!! Espero que estés descansando en paz. Nunca te olvidaremos!!! Y siempre estarás en nuestros corazones!!!! Todos te queremos mucho!!!Rosanne Norat - October 24, 2019
We are gonna miss you Lucy ❤️❤️Vanessa Benitez - October 24, 2019
Lucy sentí mucha dolor y tristeza cuando supe de tu partida recuerdo cuando te fui a recoger para entregarte a una familia maravillosa q yo sabía q te iban a querer y cuidar mucho nunca voy a olvidar tu linda carita ❤❤Vivian Batista - October 24, 2019
Lucy fuiste una luz en nuestras vidas. Nunca te olvidaremos. Que en paz descanses.Nancy Rodriguez - October 23, 2019
Dios te bendiga mi Lucy, extranaremos mucho tenerte entre nosotros pero te recordaremos con mucho amor y carino. Que dios te tenga con el como el angel que siempre fuiste.Luis Alejandrez - October 23, 2019
Lucy you will always be missed but never forgotten. Thank you for all the love and cuddles you shared with your cousin Zoe and I. We love you!Jaime Ramirez - October 23, 2019
We are gonna miss you my angel. The best companion to my best friend. I'm sure you will always be looking pit for her . Our Angel. Rest in Peace.Ana Nunez - October 23, 2019
Lucy was one of my best friends. She was an exemplary example of what a good girl should be like. She is gone but not never forgotten. It is very hard to forget my four legged furry snoring friend. I had the pleasure of meeting Lucy and her delightful owner in 2012. Lucy has been a blessing to my heart and soul since then. She’s left these warm fuzzy paw prints on my heart and although she is no longer in her dog form I still feel those paw prints when my heart beats. I miss her but I rest assured that she is sniffing poles, trees and doggy butts in heaven. Thank you Lucy for your existence on earth. Your loving memories will do for now till we meet again.

Maria Galvez - October 23, 2019
From the moment I met Lucy it was obvious what a sweet soul she was and dear companion. I am so glad you two found each other - your love and bond was truly beautiful to witness. I hope her spirit continues to live on in your heart every day.Leanne Mathew - October 23, 2019
Lucy was such a blessing to your life and there is no better way to honor her than by remembering how great she was.MariaJose V. - October 23, 2019
My dear Lulú, we all going to miss you.
You filled with unique moments the life of all the one who met you, knowing you as a lovely and sweet pet.
I will never forget you find peace I your eternal home ❤️
Yuleika Delgado - October 23, 2019
My Bebe que Dios te bendiga por siempre I love you ❤️Indalecio Alejandrez - October 23, 2019

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