Junie Bella
11/16/2008 - 6/27/2019Over four months have passed since I had to very suddenly say goodbye to my best friend and my heart, Junie Bella. I haven't been able to write this until now. I still struggle with grief, guilt, and emptiness without her by my side. It often sneaks up on me unexpectedly and I'm reminded of just how much I miss her. My Junie B seemed to be completely healthy and happy and one day she stopped eating her food. She would still eat treats and was drinking water. Everything else about her seemed to be fine. I thought she was being picky or maybe the bag of food was bad. A few days later she had a very scary episode of closed mouth heavy labored breathing that went on for several minutes and I knew something was not right. I called my vet immediately and rushed her there. After bloodwork, xrays, ultrasounds, they found my baby had a large growth on her spleen and she was hemorrhaging internally which was causing her a lot of pain. Dr. Makey believed she had hemangiosarcoma. I then took her to the emergency specialist vet for a better ultrasound to see if surgery was possible. They determined she had multiple growths that had metastasized throughout her liver and her spleen and they didn't recommend surgery. Dr. Jo with Lap of Love came out the next day and helped her leave this world peacefully and without pain. Junie B, I'm so so very sorry. I wish there was something I could have done to save you or prevent this from happening. You were the best dog in the world and I miss you so very much every day.Stephanie KAtlanta, GeorgiaNovember 10, 2019
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Sweet Junie. You were a joy to your momma and all those she had into her home. You are missed by all those whose hearts you touched. May much peace, comfort, and love surround you in dog heaven.Julie Griffin-Clark - November 18, 2019
Junie B. was my very special granddog. We took lots of fun walks together when she lived in CA. I cried when I had to put her in the pet van to go to Georgia, but it was always wonderful to see her when I came to visit and to snuggle on the couch with her. Junie B. was a beautiful dog with a sweet spirit. I miss her noble face--such soulful eyes and velvet ears. She loved everyone, and they, of course, loved her. I'm grateful for all the years she gave to Stephanie and me. It took a lot of courage for Stephanie to end her suffering, but it is comforting to know that she is now at peace. You will always have a place in our hearts, Junie B.!Nancy Knox - November 13, 2019

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