5/18/2003 - 2/16/2014The first day my eyes met yours I fell in love with you for ever, you have brought such
joy to our family, you will never be forgotten or replaced. One day in Heaven a beautiful place I will be looking for you, for without animals Heaven could not be Heaven.
Beth BraffordSanford, North CarolinaMarch 2, 2014
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Your family loved you a great deal. They will see you again someday.
~Dr. Dana
Dana Lewis - April 21, 2014
I light a candle in my heart to shine forever in memory and honor of a loyal, smart, sweet and loving creature. You showed me that my passion in life was for innocent animals such as you.
As long as I am able I will Love nurture and care for
God's canine creations. I love and miss you dearly, and think of you every day.
Beth Brafford - March 2, 2014

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