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My memory of Colbie was when I visited with my sister and the family one summer. She was such a sweet dog. Everyone was busy so I decided I would play with her. She loved playing ball up and down the hallway we had so much fun together. Another memory was when our mom and I took care of her when Colbies family had to leave early on a trip I went out in the early morning to walk her. She was so gentle on the leash and knew exactly what to do. I had such a pleasurable walk I could have walked her all day. Her features were beautiful but my favorite was that cute pink nose. I will miss you sweet Colbie. Rest In Peace. Love Aunt KarenKaren Rhodes - January 16, 2021
Megan Thomas - January 16, 2021
Colbie you are the sweetest girl. I hope you are not in any pain any more and running and playing free of pain. We miss you ❤️Patrice Brennan - January 16, 2021

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