1/22/2005 - 1/8/2021Ohh, My Adorable Maizy, who brought SO much love and laughter in OUR times of need. You stole my heart the moment I met you. I knew God sent you for a purpose, and you served me well. You lost your owner after 15 years, and I lost my pet after 12. While in mourning, we found each other, and then the pandemic hit, and we had one another to comfort in a time of isolation and quarantine. In such a short amount of time, you made a significant impact on my life. You loved HARD! I never felt a love like that from any animal I had rescued or adopted. You gave me exactly what I needed in the season I was in, and I know it was divinely orchestrated. You were a cuddle snuggle bug and always had to be touching me, laying across my chest, legs, head on my pillow, and drool across my face. You licked me to death daily and also made me laugh when you do those yoga poses-split legs on the bare floors, face smooshed into the carpet, yodeling for food, and bossing the bigger dogs in the house. You kept everything in order, structure, and in-check. You were also needy, but I didn't mind one bit. You made me busy but in a nurturing care-giving way, and I enjoyed the compassion I felt for you. I was delivering you your water bowls, carrying you to bed, waking up three times a night so you can potty, and cooking you holistic meals. I am beyond grateful for the year the Lord granted us. We got to spend every single holiday together and celebrate your golden year of 16 with mutual respect, a deep understanding of our borrowed time together, honor, and a peaceful end. Maizy, you brought greater meaning into my life, gratitude, and tenderness that will be hard ever to replace. Thank you, my friend, until your 2nd mommy sees you again-cross Rainbow Bridge with joyful peace.Melissa SantaellaLas Vegas, NevadaJanuary 20, 2021
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She loved so muchhhhh. I love her too and miss her.Stacy Balais - January 23, 2021
She was truly a beautiful little baby I put lives. We truly miss her!Hector Santaella - January 23, 2021
From your 2nd mama! I light this candle in memory, honor, and a peaceful cross over into heaven.Melissa Santaella - January 21, 2021
What beautiful words. You can tell by reading how much she was loved. I know she will be equally missed. It is too bad we can’t have these special babies forever. Until you see her again you will have these wonderful memories to carry you through. Love you all!Jennifer Caffrey - January 21, 2021

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