11/27/2000 - 1/8/2017I hope you are in a big field with someone perpetually throwing a ball.Susan NeelyEverett, WashingtonJanuary 9, 2017
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I first met Merlin the day of The Nisqually Earthquake, and that set the tone for our friendship for the next 15 years! Never a dull moment, and never any diminishment in his excitement (you could say obsession with) the Orb. Any orb substitute would do, even balled-up candy wrappers or fireplace logs would do in a pinch. So much fun, and so loving. Too smart by half, that's Merlin. He knew where I hid an orb months earlier, nothing got past him. Eating the NYT cookbook may have been a step too far, but who a, I to judge! So many memories and stories, we'll never forget youSharie McLemore - January 11, 2017
I remember Merlin as an adorable puppy, a rowdy and active adult - obsessively demanding for his orbie or any ball to be thrown, and as a (more) sedate senior citizen. I loved seeing him drop his orbie close to hand, and then back up and put himself on a down stay, waiting for the beloved object to be thrown for him. What a goofy boy he could be!Kay Deines - January 11, 2017
To the "star" of many an entertaining story- I hope that you are surrounded not just by your beloved orbie but by reams and reams of paper!Amanda Easton - January 10, 2017
Merlin was Merlin. He earned his place in doggie heaven.Tomi Ramirez - January 10, 2017

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