10/1/2003 - 5/31/2014Magi (as in "The Gift of the Magi") was an amazing healer, whose life was devoted to assisting those who were going through great periods of transition in their lives. He was the essence of pure unconditional love and kindness. He captivated not only my heart, but the heart of every single person who crossed the threshold of my home. Even people who had a fear of dogs were comforted by his presence. The fact that he was unique and "different" never went unnoticed. As he transitioned to his higher vibration, I felt an intense warm tingling travel from his paw, through my arm and settle at my heart, which is where he will always remain. I know he will be assisting me with healing work from the other side, as he informed me in one of our earlier conversations: "I am not leaving you, I am just leaving my uncomfortable body, IN FACT, I will be able to communicate and you will be able to hear me more clearly after I have crossed to the other side!".....I know this to be true and look forward to seeing this come to fruition. Magi, i am so grateful that you "stayed a year longer to assist Alex and Holly in our house, as they healed through Alex's paralysis from his combat duties in Afghanistan and to show their new family member Panzerfaust "the ropes"....selfless, as always....Thank you for all of your "Pet-a-cures".....fabulous and famous, better than any spa treatment we could find :)....We all miss you, and Demetri sends you a special hello, he is relieved that you no longer have to suffer and struggle to breathe. I feel you around me....happy, vibrant, energetic and young in Spirit once again ! Love, Love, Love for you, to Infinity and Beyond!!Kimberly GrayTampa, FloridaJune 5, 2014
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Hello Magi....even though my travels have taken me back to Indiana, I feel you with me....I miss your warm hugs and big smiles. During these crazy times, I endeavor to be ever-aware of your happy presence around me!!! Love you so...and I hope that Demetri is with you, tell him I am sending him love as well..... both Light-Beings, doing Light Work!!!Kimberly Gray - April 13, 2020
Love and Blessings my friend. May your new adventureous journey by blissful.Stacey Whitby - June 13, 2014
Magi, you were a wonderful gift to your mommy and to the world. Gone from our sight, but here you remain with your beautiful spirit. I know you are continuing your work with the other creatures and companions you now share space with. How lucky they are. Run free, sweet Magi, restored and free with your beautiful angel wings. Sending you love, Kimberly. You are in my heart and prayers.Cheryl Wyatt - June 13, 2014
I was so blessed to see Magi last month and also to hear Kim tell Magi's story and I got to caress him and hug him
I felt when he passed away and prayed for a quick and smooth transition

Love, Phil
Phil Weatherford - June 11, 2014
I was so blessed to see Magi last month and also to hear Kim tell Magi's story and I got to caress him and hug him
I felt when he passed away and prayed for a quick and smooth transition

Love, Phil
Phil Weatherford - June 11, 2014
Hello Magi....I just want you to know that even though you are not here in body, I do feel your presence and Holly has seen you popping in to check on them. I miss you so, and your Spirit warms my heart every day!!! You are forever in my heart :)Kimberly Gray - June 11, 2014
Happy Trails and Lots of Love!Will Brizendine - June 11, 2014
Beverly Toothman - June 11, 2014
Dear Magi, I met you once and your love and spirit shined thru and so much patience. You will be in my heart as a forever memory. Thank you for taking care of Kimberly and Holly. Sadness fills my heart to think that you are gone. But I am sure that you are in a good place surrounded by other family members that have gone before you. Peace I leave with you my peace I give to you. Love and wonderful memories. AJJean Doolittle - June 11, 2014
Magi, I had not prepared myself for how heavy my heart would be once you had to leave us. You were such a beautiful gift and I was lucky to have you as my brother for 12 years. You were pure unconditional and you loved me as I was. It has been hard to accept that I must continue on without you. I miss hugging you and burying my face in your fur. You will always be on my mind and in my heart, forever and always. Sissy loves, you Gino.

Until we meet again,
Sissy xx
Holly Dillmann - June 11, 2014
I love you Magi....for the gift of love that you gave to our dear companion, Kimberly. The stories of your beautiful spirit brightened our days and warmed our hearts. I think perhaps you are exploring and healing with Mona, Brandywine, Simon Sean Connery, Mac and Phoebe.

May your spirit soar!
Lisa Anselme - June 11, 2014
Gentle spirit - gentle soul. Thank you for being part of Kimberly's life and mine through her. The love for our animal companions creates lasting lines of love and joy that transcends hardships and helps us to stay center and flowing. May your spirit continue to run with the wind as you are now free from the physical form and will remain a free spirit filled with love and you.Mary Jo Bulbrook - June 10, 2014
I love you are forever in my heart....I love the urn you picked out for your physical resting spot today..:)Kimberly Gray - June 6, 2014

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