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Daphney didn't like me much. She kinda did her own thing but we both liked food so I thought we cold bond over that. I remember Mom picking me up from Jill's doggy day camp; Driving away in the car, I looked back at her staring out the window. She was so intently watching to make sure I left. I could swear her glare said "good riddance"...... I think she was kinda like a cat. I love cats. And squirrels. Mom picked her up once and I think she kinda took to it. She was less skittish over time & during our last visit we hung out & it was fun. I will miss her & I hope I get to live to be 15. I don't understand death & mom wants me to live with her forever. Love you Daphney.Belle Anderson - September 24, 2016
We'll miss our little chunky monkey. She came so far from the day we got her, even befriending my dad! Who is going to steal food off our plates and act like a puppy when it's time to eat or go for a walk?Aric Sherwood - August 12, 2016
Daphney was such a loving, precious doggie. I am so glad that she came to live with such an awesome family. You will not be forgotten, sweet angel.Nora Glaser - August 12, 2016
New life for her to play forever in the rainbow.m aguilar - August 10, 2016
She was a good girl. I miss her.Kira Sherwood - August 10, 2016
I will miss you a lot sweet Daphney! You were always so excited to get treats from me. xoxoRebecca Arraya - August 10, 2016
Daphney will definitely be missed...and I am glad I got to hug her the day before she left this earth. From the early days of her becoming part of the family, she was shy and scared, running immediately under the dining room table. Over the years and with the love and attention from her family, she became the lady of the group...princess is right! She didn't demand too much from anyone, except FOOD and particularly chicken. We will all miss you little Daphney. Glad you were part of my world.Grandma Anderson - August 10, 2016

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