9/29/2007 - 5/21/2020Today is worse because of the silence and the warmth of Tino beside me, ...that is gone forever. Tino was loyal ...so loving and woukd bark when I left the room if I didnt hurry back. No matter what ..he couldn't wait to see me and I him. I'd rush home to see him everyday . Tino was more than beloved ..he was my dearest friend. I loved that I held him in my arms as he passed ..I know he knows how much I love him I could not bear to ever let him suffer..he means to much to me. When my boyfriend was killed , it was Tino who shouldered that pain. It was Tino who never left me. Today ...because it is fresh still..I dont like life as much without him and I really hope when God decides it's my time ..Tino meets me there...its all I want . It may sound silly , as I have beautiful children and grandchildren . 3 cats. A blessed healthy life and yet the pain is so deep all of those wonderful blessings are not a comfort right now. I was and am forever blessed to have had Tino for as long as I did and he was never going to suffer. I'm so thankful I held him ever so close til the end and that he wasn't afraid or alone ..he was with his person til his last breath...who could ask for more?. As much as I want him back ..I will grieve a very long time . He was my last little dog. There is only 1 Tino...nothing can ever replace him. Ever. I may foster but I wont let another dog take his place. I sleep with his collar beside me and there it will stay there. I love you my sweet boy ! Until we meet again my loving Tino.Suzanne DuganWashington, PennsylvaniaMay 23, 2020
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The bond you shared with Tino was rooted in the purest form of love: unconditional. It is beyond heartbreaking to let that go, but it is the most selfless act we are capable of. His body was failing, but his spirit was staying strong for you and for his family. He deserved to be given peace before it became too much. I wish our furry family members could stay with us for longer, but you made his time here the best it could have been. I hope that joyful memories of your sweet boy are bringing some comfort during this time.Dr. Aspen - May 30, 2020
My heart breaks for yet another love lost in your life 😢 There is nothing more fulfilling than being a fur-mom, and nothing that hurts more when lost. . .love you Suzanne! Gods love and strength will get you through❤Margie Osgood - May 25, 2020
Tino, rest in peaceA Crowley - May 23, 2020
Rest with the angels sweet boy! I miss u so!Suzanne Dugan - May 23, 2020

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