2/17/2016Dolly came into our lives one afternoon when we stopped by our local shelter. She won our hearts and we took her home right away. We anticipated keeping her sequestered from the other kitties and our sons' rock band practicing in the garage. It took only ten minutes before Dolly took over the house! From that point on she was a princess and could do no wrong. She luxuriated on all the furniture that had been off limits and would burrow through the throw pillows on the good sofa knocking everything in her way to the floor. She loved to have someone sit with her while she ate, so much so that we placed a beanie baby bunny next to her bowl. She had the softest fur and a fluffy tail that she popped like a squirrel. She loved to sit on the edge of the pool scooping water with her paw, and would tiptoe across the fountain like a little daredevil. Dolly was a small furry force to reckoned with, persistent, demanding and so darn cute and lovable that you couldn't help but give in.
Her last few months had taken a very sad turn, and she lost her ability to use her back legs.
We adjusted our household once again for our little princess. Dad went to work custom building a wheel cart to help her get around. She would use it a little but she preferred to be carried(which we did) .
We furnished the master bath to make sure she was comfy, and set up a DVD player so she wouldn't be bored staring at the same old walls. We wondered what she did during the day, so the "DollyCam" was installed. We could see her and talk to her while we were away at work.
She was pampered and spoiled and loved so much. We tried so hard to help her recover, but it was not to be. We had to say goodbye to our baby girl, and it left a huge gap in our lives and hearts. We can only hope that she understood how much she was loved and that one day we will be reunited.
Audrey KelleyJacksonville, FloridaMarch 23, 2016
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