9/2/1999 - 10/25/2013Sheila passed away peacefully with the aid of Dr. Cindi Worrall at about 2:15 in the afternoon. Sadly missed by her owners Mr. and Mrs. C, her "kid" Tressa, Captain Henry and her niece Roxy.Nannette CroceChester Springs, PennsylvaniaOctober 26, 2013
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You were always so sweet and welcoming. As Tressa said now that I think about it you were just like another girl friend, sitting up with us late into the night playing Mario Tennis and the Sims as kids, watching us patiently as we prepared to Tressa's wedding. Now that I sit here and think about it I realize you left a mark on everyone you touched who passed through that house no matter how briefly and regardless of whether they were canine or human. I miss you already though I know you are in a better place.

<3 Lisa
Lisa Kantrowitz - November 5, 2013
Roxy can't talk, or write on a computer, but I know that if she could she would say how much she loved Sheila. It was evident in the time they spent together that Roxy respected her as an older dog, but she also encouraged Sheila to run and play long after her joints had become too stiff to bother. It was evident as well how much Sheila appreciated Roxy's company. Her whole face brightened with engaged interest and her tail wagged constantly, even when she was playing the older dog and correcting Roxy's puppy behavior, which I think she secretly enjoyed. We all worried that their age difference would prove problematic at some point, but it never did. The last time Roxy visited, Sheila had significantly declined physically, and they were unable to interact as they had when they'd first met. Even so, Roxy still responds excitedly to Sheila's name with evident hope of an impending visit. Sheila's personality is still evident in small behaviors that Roxy picked up while in her company. Although I can't say for sure, I know our dog's mind quite well and I believe that she will remember Sheila for the rest of her life.Roxanne Breton - November 4, 2013
Sheila, you were like a sister in so many ways. You made me feel missed every time I came home from college or the many other far away places I lived after that, and you welcomed our new dog like your own puppy. I will miss seeing you every time I go home, but I will always remember our last walk together. I think you knew it was the last time we would be able to do something like that, and you made me take you to the end of the neighborhood and sit with you under a tree and watch the cars go by. I'm so glad you made me do that because even after seeing your health deteriorate over the last year or so, the walk is the thing I remember.

Love, T
Tressa Breton - November 3, 2013
Miss my dog.Ahma Boccelli - November 3, 2013
Travel well, little one. You will be missed. Dr. CindiCindi Worrall - October 28, 2013
We miss you, Sheila, and thank you for all the comfort you gave us. You were a very loving and intelligent part of the family and you will always be remembered. I wish you peace.Aunt Fuff Damiani - October 28, 2013

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