Cici "Cute And Cuddly" Greene
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Cici was the most gentle chihuahua I have ever met! Her big heart will be deeply missed. Rest well sweet Cici.Anna Champagne - December 4, 2020
CiCi was a beloved member of our family from the day we took her home until the day she left us. CiCi was like velcro to Rachel, she always wanted to be near her. One of CiCi's many talents was shredding stuffed toys as soon as we got them, singing with a group of people, and fitting perfectly into your lap as soon as you sit down.
Many people met CiCi, and every one of them could tell what a gentle and kind dog she was. It's impossible to feel sad while petting her soft fut.
CiCi was very affectionate, but would demand head rubs and belly rubs at time. She received a lifetime of love, and will continue to give her love back to us from within our memories.
Michael Greene - December 4, 2020

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