1/13/2010 - 1/16/2021Rosemary "Rosie" Grace Eickholt-Nolan entered the Great Beyond today, assisted but in her own home surrounded by those who love her, whom she tolerated. Rosie began her reign in our household in February 2013 and let us know that she was the Queen Diva from day 1. Rosie ruled over her disloyal subjects Isabella "Izzy" (allegedly her litter-mate), Oliver, Eleanor, Veda, Jordan, and myself for 8 years. Prior to this domain, she ruled in territories unknown for approximately 2-3 years under the alias "Pearl". She was predeceased by her Grandpa Nolan, whom she bit once, and possibly by her brother Fitzgerald, although his fate remains unknown. Rosie thoroughly enjoyed napping in cardboard boxes in the front window, chasing her sister Izzy with malace, and playing with a destroyed toy known as "Rosie's kill" that was once a fuzzy tail cat wand but ended up as an object of Rosie's affection which she carried room to room while yoweling, toy stick and all. Rosie was a friend to few and an enemy to many, but she loved Jordan and coveted his lap as the ideal placement for her pillow throne. Her preferences for affection were mysterious and often confusing as she preferred aggressive pets and would nip at you if she found your attention to be disingenuous, light-handed, or neared her lower back, butt, stomach, or tail (site of an injury from long before her life in this house that caused a permanent kink in her tail). Rosie often fancied herself an outdoor cat, attempting escape at every opportunity, a dream that she only fulfilled twice in her life. The first time Rosie escaped was the day of her adoption when, as we carried the crate into the house with her and Izzy inside, the crate broke and each cat ran in a different direction. Rosie, thankfully, ran and hid in our garage and was easily rescued (Izzy was another story). Rosie's second escape from captivity was when she capitalized on an opportunity presented by the HVAC repair man. The door wasn't latched and she took the opportunity to let herself out to look around. When Jordan found her, she had wandered just over the property line and was delicately sniffing a leaf with no fear of predators or enemies, natural instinct indeed. Rosie's proudest moments were when her decorative collar roses were changed (done frequently since she groomed them) and when she got the red naughty mark added to her permanent file at the vet. Her attributed voice is that of a Russian mafia member (she's likely part Russian Blue and obviously has a penchant for murder) and we're pretty sure she was Devine reincarnated. Her middle name comes from her lack of grace (due to her tail) as she never met a ledge she could land on squarely. Rosie was our first baby and there will never be another kitten quite like her. She will always be remembered and missed.Danielle Nolan-EickholtOsseo, MinnesotaJanuary 17, 2021
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