Jaq Mazz----
1/22/2020 - 12/29/2020We want to thank Lap of Love for your compassionate and caring treatment of our beloved Jaq. Special thanks go to Dr. Heather Manfredi who came to our home and was absolutely wonderful.

Jaq was a very handsome and special little man. He was a very energetic and loving Jack Russell. He was sooo very strong in presence and personality. He has been in our lives for almost 16 years. He loved long walks, hunting, swimming and being a lap dog. He developed degenerative myelopathy and lost his ability to walk. He would use his wheelchair but was not crazy about it. So when the time came that he was tired, we had to make the hardest decision we ever had to make. We felt euthanasia was the kindest thing we could do for him.
Dr. Heather arrived at our home and after introducing herself she sat with us and explained exactly what she would do and how Jaq would most likely react at each step. She then took time to befriend Jaq and win his trust. She won a loving kiss from him. She then told us that she had Jack Russell terriers. The actual euthanasia was done in my arms across my lap and my husband and son on either side of him and Dr. Heather positioned in front of us. He never seemed to be frightened or in pain and he passed peacefully.
He had regular visits to his wonderful and compassionate vet, but to end his life in a sterile office environment would have been so much more stressful for him and for us too. So we made the best decision to have his passing at home in a loving environment.
Thank you again Lap of Love and a very special thank you to Dr. Heather who made a very difficult situation more peaceful and loving.

Jaq would have been sweet 16 today. We love and miss him deeply!

Happy Birthday Jaq
Linda MazzHuntington, New YorkJanuary 22, 2020
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I had a very bad Jaq weekend. It is getting easier knowing that you are whole and happy again. Everyone is telling me to get another dog. Right now I cannot replace you. So I walk alone but I do it everyday. It is soooo lonely! Just want to let you know how much I love and miss you.Linda Mazz - February 24, 2020
Not a day goes by that I don’t think and cry for you! My walks are so empty! I miss you sooo much!!! My heart is broken. The love and compamaship that we shared is something that I don’t or want to experience. You meant that much
To me. I miss your head on my lap. My world is not the same. Again my wish is that your whole again! I love and miss you more than you could ever know!
Linda Mazz - January 27, 2020
Today would have been your sweet 16. I miss your smile and kisses! There is a hole in my heart that will never be filled. I love and miss you every day. Not a day goes by that I don’t shed a tear because I miss you so much. My hope for you is that you are running again and that you are your old self. Again we all love and miss you!Linda Mazz - January 23, 2020

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