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Durango, my precious Angel 😇 I pray you and Daddy are having a very happy and fun filled New Year. I miss you so badly every second of the day and night - I miss you the second I wake up in the morning and all through the day and night. I still find myself always looking out for you, especially when I go to put my chair down, I still look to make certain you are not under it and don’t leave things out that you would run into. It is very difficult when I come into the house, first I miss your being at the window when I drive up the driveway and then look for you to be at the door waiting for me as you did for most of 17 years together. It hurts so badly that you are not there. Sweet baby we will meet at the Rainbow Bridge some day, then you, Daddy, and I will all be together forever and never have to be apart ever again. I am happy your little body is whole again and that you can run and play - that is my comfort. Until then my sweet baby. Remember I love ❤️ you and Daddy with my whole heart forever and ever. Hugs and kisses for you and Daddy. Love 💗 forever, MommyFran Leason - January 3, 2021
My sweet Angel baby, it torn my heart out to say good bye to you. I miss you so terribly, the house is so empty without you. Night time is unbearable without you to hug. I even miss you taking your half of the bed out of the middle - I know it was so you could touch me and be assured that I was indeed still there! I miss you every second of every day, my heart breaks just to see your precious picture. I take joy in the fact that you are whole again and not blind or sick anymore. Baby, I will love ❤️ you forever. Please give Daddy hugs 🫂 and kisses from me. Until the three of us are together again in heaven!

You and Daddy have a very Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 together and remember I have you both in my heart ❤️ always. Love ❤️ you both forever and ever. Hugs and kisses precious baby! Love, Mommy
Fran Leason - December 15, 2020
Durango, I only met you once but I feel I've known you all your life. Thank you so much for bringing so much joy, happiness and peace to Fran and all the Leason family, I think you were the most loved dog in the world!Laura Zuraw - December 14, 2020
Happy birthday again sweet baby - I forgot to remind you to have Indie and Rocky over for your birthday celebration!
I still and will always love ❤️ you with all of my heart - I miss you every second of every day. Until you, Daddy, and me are all together again! Love, forever Mommy
Fran Leason - December 6, 2020
Happy 17th birthday my love, wish I could celebrate it with you, but I know Daddy will it do it up good. Tell him to invite all your friends like Max, Kiley Rose, and Jasmine, also remind him that you love ice cream (not so much the cake🎂) Happy, happy birthday my sweet Angel !!! 🧬🎈❤️ I miss you so bad, however knowing you can now see and your little body is well again brings me comfort. Give Daddy a big hug and kiss for me sweetie. Love ❤️ you deeply baby!
Love, Mommy
Fran Leason - December 6, 2020
Durango was a sweet, happy boy who brought me joy each time we met. His love for his mama Fran was heartwarming; no one could ask for a more loyal and loving dog or family member. I believe that he is in the eternal sunshine of the other side with his Dad, celebrating his 1st birthday all over again! Durango, you know how much you are missed. Fran, I'm sending loving energy from Clearwater to Longwood. Prayers for you tonight and always.Devan Hurley - December 6, 2020
Durango. This is one of the hardest good-byes. If love alone could have kept you here, you would have lived forever. But, the hardest part of losing you isn’t having to say good-bye, it is the emptiness left because you are gone. I know you are free now and you have left your misery, weakness, deafness and cloudy eyes. I am going to remember how you used to be and how lucky I am to have something that makes saying good-bye so gut-wrenching. Tomorrow is your 17th birthday. If it had been your 18th or 19th or 20th, it would not have been enough. But I know you are with your Daddy and he will pamper you, HRH, and celebrate that you are with him. I hope you have found Kiley Rose and Jasmine as they would love to play with you again.Lindsay Kaas - December 6, 2020
Durango was the light of his human parents’ lives! He was a sweet, fluffy snuggle puppy that loved everyone and his squeaky toys! He will be sorely missed!Kate Leason - December 4, 2020
Praying you would feel our Lord comfort you in your loss of Durango, He knows every need of our hearts and is always with you when we can’t be there.
You provided him a great life and he gave you much joy!
We are so sorry for your loss! We will all miss him!
Much love,
Joe, Kim, Joey, Josh and Hannah Talavera
Kim Talavera - December 4, 2020
You were such a cute little warm fuzzy! It was a joy to see how happy you were when I came to visit, you always rolled over for me to rub your tummy. Our hearts and prayers go out to your Mommy, we know you are healthy and happy, but she has a big, empty hole where a piece of her heart was ripped away when you had to leave. We remember the love you left behind for us and the times you made us laugh. Thank you for sleeping with me to keep me company when I was away from my little doggies.Patsie Guglberger - December 3, 2020
We’re all going to miss Durango. I’m sure Pa was happy to be reunited with him and they’re keeping each other company.Jefferson Leason - December 2, 2020
It was truly a privilege to have met Durango and you. He was obviously a very special boy, and I know you will miss him deeply. Thank you for giving him such a loving home.Amanda Buerk - December 2, 2020

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