7/11/2012 - 9/23/2020Lowlie Bowlie - God had a plan when created you, and I am so grateful he led me straight to you. We got to spend wonderful years together and everyday we got to enjoy that big smile you always had on. We will miss your sneaky sock stealing, and playing hide and seek. We loved it when you’d get a burst of energy and go tearing around the backyard as fast as you could. Or how you’d take off running after a good belly rub. Or hand us your paw and ask for more scratches. We loved every wrinkle on the beautiful face, and squishy neck rolls too. We are going to miss your baby soft fur under our hands. Even your snoring that we often complained about, I’d give anything to hear it now. When the day comes to see you again we will never be parted. We love you so much. See you in the blink. Love, Mom, Dad, Mom-Jane and the kids.Jane NelsonDelray Beach, FloridaSeptember 25, 2020
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