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Shane will be missed as he was such a pleasant dog and always happy to see you. Shane always would brighten up our days when he came to visit. I know for sure Shane lived a good life with John taking care of him and treating him like the good buddy he was.Marianne Jones - January 22, 2021
Shane, my big can’t eat the candle, buddy. :) I love you and miss you. You made me laugh every day.John Guminski - January 21, 2021
"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." Dr. SeussMike Warden - January 20, 2021
He was truly an angel and lived a life full of love. Was blessed to meet him. Sweet boy. ❤️Jessica Wilbourne - January 20, 2021
Shane was a true gentle giant. Sweet & loving. Always a joy to be around. He was loved by many and
he returned that love ten fold. He will be greatly missed.
Diane Staszewski - January 20, 2021
Shane was an amazing pup and my best friend. Unique from the start, with his brindle markings, I knew he was the dog for me. Shane was very special in a lot of other ways too than just how he looked. He quickly found out that his favorite three words were “want some breakfast?” Or “want some dinner?” He was never shy to woof down any leftovers you may have had in your plate. Shane was the most intelligent dog I had ever met. He knew so many phrases and even in conversation it seemed as if he knew what you were talking about. He also always seemed to know we were leaving somehow, but always got very excited when we returned from our trip. I loved the dog walks I had with him and how excited he got each time I would ask him if he wanted to go for a walk. He knew our emotions without saying a lot of the times and was always there to comfort us. How much he loved people and interacted with them you would of thought that he was part human too. There will never be another Shane. Although, I’m sad he is gone, I’m thankful and blessed for the many memories I had to share with him. I’ll miss you, ya big goof.Tyler Guminski - January 20, 2021

Losing a part of your family is never easy.

Sorry for your loss.

Craig Sieving - January 20, 2021

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