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Dear Donna and David,thank you so much for trusting us at Suzanne’s mobile pet grooming to take care of your kitty for you. We are so sorry to her she has passed on but do know what a wonderful life and home you provided for her.
All our sympathy
Suzannne and Nicole
suzanne farmer - December 12, 2019
RIP sweet Maggie. Your pet parents loved you so! I remember how much your mommy would talk about you. You are dearly missed. ❤Denise Noguera - December 11, 2019
Oh Donna, David and Blue,

I am so sorry for the loss of your dear Maggie. I know how badly that hurts. My heart breaks for you.

Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful story of her life with you. I know you gave her the best life. I wish all cats everywhere could be so fortunate to have humans like you to love and care for them as you do. ❤️ Thank you for adopting senior cats.

The loss of our pets brings so much sorrow, but the pain is always outweighed by the memories of love and happiness they’ve shared. I’m so sad for you all

Not everyone gets to have a little lion in their home! 🦁 Her time on this earth was far too short with you. I can tell time here with you enjoyed her to the fullest. Lucky Kitty to be rescued by you guys. Maggie will stay with you forever within your hearts.

Bobbie and BabyKitten, the neighbors who miss you.🥰
Bobbie M - December 9, 2019
What a beautiful, special girl! You were so lucky to have found each other and been able to share so many wonderful moments squeezed in to too short a time.Jessica Spitzer - December 9, 2019

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