11/1/2006 - 12/24/2020Our dear Rocksie was an energetic, engaged German shepherd mix who joined me on so many adventures for almost 14 years. She passed on December 24, 2020, and while she leaves a big hole in our hearts and in the house, the memories of her strong personality make us so happy.

Rocksie's strong spirit lives on in our hearts and we are sure she is out there waiting to be joined by us later. Rocksie loves frisbees and sticks! She is an excellent listener and so responsive to voice commands, even after she started to lose her hearing. Especially when we talk to her in full sentences. She's a couch potato at home but so up for a hike, backpack, or nice long walk, whether down to the park to lay in the grass and watch the world go by, to the school to play soccer with me or chase her frisbee, or to go for a walk with our friends Ben and Biscuit - Rocksie always had to help Biscuit carry the stick down the path. She loves all people, including kids, and certain dogs became her close friends. She protected us from all planes with contrails, crows and gulls, and loved to sing while canoeing or kayaking. She also loves football, especially cheering with us after touchdowns, and will always join in when singing "Happy Birthday."

Rocksie started slowing down about a year ago with osteoarthritis, and ended up getting b-cell lymphoma and a fibrosarcoma in the back of her mouth that made it really difficult to eat and breathe. We loved caring for her and did our best to manage her pain and give her the best life a dog could have. Rocksie, I can feel your keen attention and love of play even now. Thank you for being a contributing member of our family and for all the amazing memories.
Elissa OstergaardSeattle, WashingtonJanuary 5, 2021
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Rocksie, it has been a month since you left us, and I miss you as much as ever. I've been visiting some of our old haunts in Tucson, including the park where you were found and where we used to go on many fun walks when you were a puppy. Remember how we used to play tag and try to fake each other out with a bush in between us? You loved that sand. I hope your transition is going well and you're seeing all your buddies up there, Biscuit, Cupid, Fred, Stan, Alma, Emma, Owen, Peccary, and the rest. And Willow of course! All my love and a good neck scratch,
Elissa Ostergaard - January 25, 2021
I'm thinking of you tonight, Rocksie! Please say hi to Alma, and don't let her lick you too much. Peaceful transition to you. With love-Robin Kirschbaum - January 16, 2021
We love and miss you, Rocksie! You lucked out in terms of the humans who became your family, and they lucked out, too. Hope you are teaching Fred a thing or two up in Doggie Heaven!Jen Glass - January 9, 2021

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