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Rocksie, it has been a month since you left us, and I miss you as much as ever. I've been visiting some of our old haunts in Tucson, including the park where you were found and where we used to go on many fun walks when you were a puppy. Remember how we used to play tag and try to fake each other out with a bush in between us? You loved that sand. I hope your transition is going well and you're seeing all your buddies up there, Biscuit, Cupid, Fred, Stan, Alma, Emma, Owen, Peccary, and the rest. And Willow of course! All my love and a good neck scratch,
Elissa Ostergaard - January 25, 2021
I'm thinking of you tonight, Rocksie! Please say hi to Alma, and don't let her lick you too much. Peaceful transition to you. With love-Robin Kirschbaum - January 16, 2021
We love and miss you, Rocksie! You lucked out in terms of the humans who became your family, and they lucked out, too. Hope you are teaching Fred a thing or two up in Doggie Heaven!Jen Glass - January 9, 2021

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