Cleo (cleopatra)
4/19/2005 - 1/14/2021Cleo, you almost made it to your 16th birthday, we will celebrate your heavenly birthday for you as we pray that you are running around playing with your big sister Paris We couldn't love any fur baby anymore than we do you. Cleo was the most loving, cuddly, sweet, kind, loyal, watch guard, playful and adorable girl, she never grew out of her puppy face. We loved taking you everywhere with us; on bike rides, 5K's, camping, the ocean/sand, hotels, street fairs, ferry rides, riding in your stroller or walking around you loved exploring everywhere we did, thankfully you grew out of car sickness. You never failed to greet us at the door, kept us warm in bed and watched TV or even fireworks from our lap. You were so curious and never afraid of new things. You were my best co-worker, always being my shadow even if I just walked around the house. Your eyes were so expressive, you melted our hearts from the first moment we saw you. We love and appreciated how hard you fought to carry on after loosing Paris and then your back legs slowing giving out but you were the energizer bunny, just kept ticking away, never complaining, letting Maggie know you were still Queen of the House. It's so quiet and lonely without you and time is moving by so quickly, no matter how much time passes it still feels like yesterday that we said goodbye. Run free & Play hard with Paris Sweet Cleo, we will LOVE you every minute of every day for the rest of our lives. Dad, Mom, Morgan, Ryan & even MaggieJuli HaugenEverett, WashingtonJanuary 24, 2021
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Cleo was a very special sweet pupper that has given me many happy memories of her when I was a kid. I remember when I would visit Juli, Morgan and Jim having the honor of giving Paris and Cleo treats in the late afternoon after family games we would play at the kitchen table with her snoozing away at our feet. Sometimes when I would stay over night cleo would cuddle up with me on the couch or sometimes with my sister. Cleo was a dedicated life long companion to my aunt Juli and family member to all of us.Hope McCormack - January 27, 2021
I knew Cleo since I was 2 I'll miss her💖.Ryan Haugen - January 26, 2021
Dearest Haugen Family--to see these amazing pictures and know all the beautiful memories that you have of sweet Cleo just absolutely makes my heart swell. Juli thank you SO much for sharing stories with me during our time speaking together--to have these terrific photos now brings my mental pictures to life! Through the sharing of stories and pictures, Cleo continues to live on in the most special of ways--in the hearts of those she has touched. Love and Peace to you all!💜Melissa Perez - January 26, 2021
I will miss your moms posts about what you up to.Melinda Slovernick - January 25, 2021
I am so glad you shared all those pictures (those costumes!!!) and more of Cleo's story. I even laughed a few times reading about her antics. What a little clown! I know she is so missed in this world but I am sure while she misses you she is so happy to see Paris again at the rainbow bridge.Jen Bush - January 24, 2021

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